Creativity is about choices, being allowed to express one’s own uniqueness by selecting from the variety of options available. Picking a yellow shirt over a blue one on a Tuesday morning is a creative decision, as is choosing to paint a red flower instead of a pink one in a painting.

Freedom of expression is an important ingredient in any democracy. Encouraging creativity strengthens a society. Totalitarian regimes put a strangle hold on art and culture, taking away people’s rights, individuality, and spontaneity. Encouraging people to make art, to dance, or to write strengthens democracies and movements for social change within them.

Creativity connects us to the Holy. Through art and writing a person can connect to her deepest longings or find guidance for her life. 

RCWMS offers workshops on writing, art, and meditation. We have also produced two documentary films, one about Meinrad Craighead and one about Bryant Holsenbeck.