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Feminist Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is a covenant relationship between fellow travelers on a journey of faith, mindfully and humbly conducted in the presence of the Spirit. RCWMS has been encouraging women and men in their spiritual development for over three decades.

We want to help people find their own paths to God and to bring with them their whole selves. To this end, we provide workshops and resources on spiritual direction and a list of some feminist spiritual directors.

RCWMS also gathers, supports, and will eventually train women as spiritual directors. This program encourages Christian, Jewish, and Buddhist (and a few other varieties of) spiritual directors. We are creating a community of spiritual directors who live out their vision of faith in and for the world.


Kaudie McLean, Ph.D., helped RCWMS create our Feminist Spiritual Direction program. She is a certified spiritual director, writer, editor, and artist who splits her time between Colorado and North Carolina. To explore spiritual direction with her: kaudiemc@earthlink.net. Click here for a printable page about Kaudie and Feminist Spiritual Direction.

The RCWMS program in Feminist Spiritual Direction looks more closely at the formal practice of spiritual direction. A spiritual director acts as both companion and mentor to the directee. She enters into the role of director only with the blessing of a community who recognizes her received gifts and training for holy listening and spiritual wisdom. Feminist spiritual direction gives special attention to the character of being “woman” in our culture and seeks to empower women—LGBTQ or straight—in their unique spiritual journeys and thus the rest of their lives. In its emphasis on women’s wholeness, feminist spiritual direction implicitly seeks justice and wholeness for all of God’s people and creation.

Feminist Spiritual Formation