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Walking the labyrinth can be a way of centering oneself. The serpentine path provides a metaphor for life's journey. Walking can be an opportunity to open the heart, to experience the presence of the holy, and to attend to life's questions. RCWMS has three potable labyrinths that can be used for workshops and retreats. Two of them are 40'x40' canvas replicas of the one at Chartres Cathedral in France. The third is a small rainbow labyrinth.

Labyrinth Workshops

The Resource Center for Women and Ministry in the South offers labyrinth workshops and retreats. Workshops are from three to six hours in length. Retreats can be several days long. A three-hour workshop allows time for a group of twenty to thirty to learn about the history of the labyrinth, walk the path, and reflect on the experience. A longer workshop can include several times for walking, guided meditation, simple art projects, and journaling. Charges for labyrinth workshops depend on the number of participants and the budget of the sponsoring organization. Contact us to discuss fees and travel expenses.

Our staff is available to lead programs with the labyrinth. Please contact us to learn more.

Hosting the Labyrinth

If you are hosting a labyrinth walk or a labyrinth workshop with on of our 40'x40' labyrinths, here are some details which will aid you in your planning.

    The labyrinth needs a room that has 40 feet by 40 feet of unobstructed floor space.
    A wooden or carpeted floor is best for walking the labyrinth. A concrete floor can be used. The floor needs to be very clean. Please sweep or vacuum the floor right before we lay out the labyrinth.
    Ask people to bring a pen and something to write on, a journal or some paper. Please provide some extra paper and pens for people who forget them.
    We ask people to walk the labyrinth without shoes. Heavy socks make the walking more comfortable. Please ask people to bring socks. Please provide extra socks for people who forget theirs.
    People often enjoy walking with a scarf in their hands or over their heads. You may want to provide some or to ask people to bring scarves with them.
    Candles help create a calm atmosphere. They can be placed on a table or around the edges of the room.

Read about the Background of Our Labyrinth

For More Information

For information about workshops contact the Resource Center for Women and Ministry in the South, RCWMSnc@aol.com.

For more on the history of labyrinths, locations of labyrinths, organizations and products:

Veriditas (the worldwide labyrinth project) www.veriditas.org
The Labyrinth Society www.labyrinthsociety.org