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Pauli Murray

The Rev. Dr. Pauline (Pauli) Murray was born in Baltimore, MD, over a hundred years ago, November 20, 1910, and grew up with her aunt and her grandparents in Durham, NC. She was the first African American to apply to the Graduate School of the University of North Carolina, but was rejected because of her race. She applied to Harvard Law School and was rejected because of her gender. She went on to become a lawyer, professor, author of many books, and the first African American woman to be ordained as an Episcopal Priest.

Pauli Murray worked tirelessly for social justice throughout her life. She was an early civil rights activist, a founder of the National Organization for Women (NOW), and a friend of such women as Eleanor Roosevelt.

In celebration of Pauli Murray’s centennial, RCWMS sponsored an exhibition of textile arts entitled Strength from All My Roots: Textiles Honoring the Legacy of Pauli Murray. The exhibition was on view at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in Durham and a public reception was held the evening of November 19, 2010.

RCWMS is an active partner in The Pauli Murray Project housed in the Human Rights Center at Duke University. Learn more about that Pauli Murray Project here.

For more details, watch our Calendar or contact RCWMS, 919-683-1236, rcwmsnc@aol.com.


Pauli Murray