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Meinrad Craighead: Praying with Images

Hurricane Season$35.00 each (includes tax and shipping)

This hour-long documentary opens a window to the lifelong pilgrimage of Meinrad Craighead and her mystical encounters with the Divine Feminine. Learn about the experiences that have influenced Meinrad, from her childhood roots in Arkansas and her formative relationship with her grandmother, to her time in Europe and as a nun, to her interactions with the culture in New Mexico where she now lives. Explore the connections of Catholicism, ancient mythology, and Native American shamanism to Meinrad’s art and ideas about God. Experience her moving images and stories of the devastating fire along the river near her home in 2003, and travel with her on a recent pilgrimage to the Black Madonna of Montserrat in Spain. See nearly 100 of Meinrad’s paintings and prints in beautiful detail.

To watch a 10-minute preview, click here. For more information about the Meinrad Craighead Project, visit www.meinradproject.org.

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